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REVIEW by Christina Zawadiwsky: As Meaningful As Any Other by Donna Snyder

Review of As Meaningful As Any Other, the poems of Donna Snyder, Gutter Snob Books, 2022. By Christina Zawadiwsky “That which is dreamed can never be undreamed” is a quote from Neil Gaiman, and Carl Jung says “Nights through dreams tell the myths forgotten by day.” Did you know that the brain regards dreams as …

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REVIEW by a.m. stein: As Meaningful As Any Other by Donna Snyder

AS MEANINGFUL AS ANY OTHER BY DONNA SNYDER reviewed by a.m. stein           Time killed Space, his father,           while Night, hidden in her cave, made oracles,                                                                                 –Donna Snyder             What happens to us when we fall out of the dream of our limitations? What happens when we fall awake? When we find ourselves suddenly wide-eyed standing …

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