Random Acts of Terror by Luis Rivas


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Random Acts of Terror
poems by Luis Rivas
Citizens for Decent Literature Press
June 2013
Paperback: 76 pages
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0615812139
ISBN-13: 978-0615812137
Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 0.2 inches
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“If you thought in your face, left wing, political poetry was dead and buried, you would be wrong as this collection amply shows. Yes, Rivas is strident, militant, and committed, but he has something important to say and people should listen before the 1% brings the whole country to its inevitable, ugly end.” –misfitmagazine.net

Some are likely to call the publication of this book reckless. Radical. Several of the financial supporters and editors of this book have chosen to remain anonymous out of fear. Why the controversy over a book of poetry, before it is even published? The seething frustration Rivas feels burns from every page. His poetry is rooted in concerns he sees every day. His writing is relevant to an entire generation of poor in a society which manages to both ignore race and ethnicity and exploit them.

When you read Rivas’ poetry, you will understand the controversy. Fear of a corrupt system which does not embrace divergent thought or dissidence of any kind, has quashed voices before. We respect the decision to remain anonymous of some contributors and volunteers who helped with their time. Their concerns about blowback are not based in paranoia. Constant pressure to keep some truths quiet is everywhere, from imprisonment without trial or criminal charges, to class-based economic policies, a complete disregard for privacy and lack of respect for autonomy, book-banning (look up Arizona, then read Ban This!, The BSP Anthology of Xican Literature), locking up journalists, draining our schools of culture…. We have moved way past ‘Big Brother’. Now we are into ‘Daddy’s got the belt and he owns your ass’.

Divided, we are nothing. The question is: Will the struggle to unite, to create an actionable community, continue to build? Will we continue to struggle for true freedom, for choice, for equality and basic human rights for all?

Random Acts of Terror is largely about the journey to find answers to these questions. The publisher is committed to this journey, and that is why Citizens for Decent Literature is taking the risk–however small and imagined or real and godawful big that risk is.

Random Acts of Terror’s poems should not be labeled radical. They should be labeled necessary.

“There is a rich tradition of poetry that comes out of Central or South America. This poetry is fiery, rebellious, & for the people. Reading this reminds me of the fiery Latino literature that I found when I moved to L.A.. Early Martin Espada, Roque Dalton, Claribelle Allegria. Real hard poems covered in blood, with the revolutionary spirit. Yes, these poems are violent, and speak of death. But just think of the years of neglect that have led the author to this point. At this point I believe the violence is an echo of the author’s frustration. This poetry isn’t for everyone. But if it’s for you I feel it is well done.”
–Michael D. Grover

Warning: contains gut punches to your sense of society. Random Acts of Terror are not terrorist bombs but daily injustices based on class and race. This ain’t wallpaper poetry. It is anger and beauty and an overwhelming force. Used to regular poetry? Do not read Rivas, he will upset you.
–Victor Schwartzman

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