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Finding Jesus & Prayers to my Saints by Dan Denton

Finding Jesus & Prayers to my Saints by Dan Denton

This one was written on the dashboard of an ’86 Chevy Impala called Sheila parked next to a Highway to Nowhere in the U.S. megalopalypse as the Liberty Bell gets deep-fried in sizzling fat and sold cheap, and the few remaining payphones raise their prices outside cardboard apartments and UPS-brown gas stations with mean faces. Its protagonist worships unlikely saints like Charles Bukowski and Janis Joplin. Dan Denton’s book stars Jesus as a silent oversized tourist attraction sharing Indiana with a misplaced cowboy boot superstore, and psychic mediums with giant breasts advertising in the classifieds. This broke-down blues song ends where it began, staring up from a puddle of spilled booze at all the strange stars in the firmament.


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