easy and clear

easy and clear


These stories transmute familiar narratives and ways of writing into revealing, witty, wily new fictions which reveal the marvelous conventions and duplicitous artifice at the center of language and storytelling. Hight’s writing is a delightful language game, meme-ification as mesmerizing metafictional meme-fictions. –Gary Barwin, author of Yiddish for Pirates

Jeremy Hight’s writing simultaneously has the feel of a post-conceptual text and literary fiction. The tone of a self-help book and academic seminar collides with the uncanniness of quantum space—and the drollness of a Tinder profile transmogrifies into the creepiness of The Shining. With Hight, the mundane details of life leads to inspired transcendence. There is a timelessness to the prose (a list of cliches, a child’s drawing) that is both fresh and resonating. –Jeffrey Vallance, Artist/Writer

Jeremy Hight is a national treasure. Consistently far ahead of his time in matching technological innovations with social and cultural insight, he is also a skilled, and moving, line-by-line writer. This collection of stories showcases his conceptual brilliance—tales with innovative and mischievous storytelling strategies—his language arts craft, and his big heart. –Rob Wittig, author of Netprov, Networked Improvised Literature for the Classroom and Beyond

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