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REVIEW by Christina Zawadiwsky: As Meaningful As Any Other by Donna Snyder

Review of As Meaningful As Any Other, the poems of Donna Snyder, Gutter Snob Books, 2022. By Christina Zawadiwsky “That which is dreamed can never be undreamed” is a quote from Neil Gaiman, and Carl Jung says “Nights through dreams tell the myths forgotten by day.” Did you know that the brain regards dreams as …

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review by Bess N Mobley: Noise by Misti Rainwater-Lites

Noise by Misti Rainwater-Lites A Poetry Review by Bess N Mobley For the first reading of Noise, Misti Rainwater-Lites poetry collection, I was sitting outside the movie theater waiting for my film to begin. There were people all around me, but all I could hear was the poet serenading me. I read the lines, I …

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REVIEW by a.m. stein: As Meaningful As Any Other by Donna Snyder

AS MEANINGFUL AS ANY OTHER BY DONNA SNYDER reviewed by a.m. stein           Time killed Space, his father,           while Night, hidden in her cave, made oracles,                                                                                 –Donna Snyder             What happens to us when we fall out of the dream of our limitations? What happens when we fall awake? When we find ourselves suddenly wide-eyed standing …

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REVIEW by Dennis Williamson: Proper Etiquette in the Slaughterhouse Line by James Duncan (Gutter Snob Books)

Proper Etiquette in the Slaughterhouse Line by James Duncan

If by our predilections we are so favored by the Muses, then in trying times we may almost count on the discovery or gift of a title, be it of song or in lit, whereby the trial is mitigated; even embraced.  Recently I was sent a title that’s both quirk and puzzle as to belie a …

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Running Red Lights by Aleathia Drehmer

Aleathia Drehmer

We often go through life…running red lights…and missing the interesting moments of the human condition. These are those moments captured by the poetic voice of Aleathia Drehmer. In Running Red Lights, Aleathia Drehmer takes us on a slow walk through the broken and the ugly moments that are usually shut out or ignored by most …

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Marilyn: Self-Portrait, Oil on Canvas by Kerry Trautman

Kerry Trautman

  The woman in the painting…The poems begin in a more literal, detached way, though as the book progresses my voice and what I imagine of hers become more deeply entwined. I began writing the poems in this chapbook shortly after I purchased a portrait at a charity auction and propped it on my writing …

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NOISE: art and words by Misti Rainwater-Lites

Misti Rainwater-Lites

another banger in the Misti Rainwater-Lites endless kaleidoscope of poetry collage art soap box mashup, this time from Gutter Snob Books. PURCHASE YOUR SIGNED COPY HERE “Misti Rainwater-lites’ Noise is a raw, tight little chapbook of big poems. In between the dicks, and egos attached to them, and between the love, hate and everything from …

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SpaceTime Continuum For Dummies by Michele McDannold

Michele McDannold

I have to say this is Michele as I have never seen her before. Vulnerable, this is a book of love Poems. Raw emotion like exposed nerves. She walks it like she has learned all these years. Very little wasted motion or breath. I would recommend this to Poets at any level. Please strap yourselves …

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